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Toronto Short Term Rental Property Management Corp. is heading to Florida for the Vacation Rental Management Associations Eastern Conference.

Mark Dellamano, Managing Director and Cody Gorham, Head of Operations will be in attendance, April 15 to 18, in Miami.

We are excited to meet with all the different channels in the Vacation Rental Sector such as Airbnb, HomeAway,, TripAdvisor and many others.  Our Managing Director, Mark Dellamano, has scheduled one-on-one meetings with some of the leaders in the channels noted above with the agenda focused on Municipal Legislation and Bylaws of Short Term Rentals in Toronto, driving additional bookings, maintaining 5-star reviews, and reducing cost, where applicable.

Topics we will be heavily involved in:

  • Creating a Customer Service Revolution – Be the brand people cannot live without. We’ll learn how numerous companies have made Customer service their biggest competitive advantage and are dominating their market!

At this presentation we hope to improve how:

1) All our employees can have compassion & empathy for your customers

2) To evaluate our Customer Service Vision statement – and change if needed.

3) To create non-negotiable standards that every team member will follow

4) To Make Price work in favor of our clients and generate bookings

  • Vacation Rental Technology in 2018

Technology within the vacation rental industry has been progressing at a feverish pace in the last two years, and it appears that this trend will not be slowing down in 2018. In this presentation, we will review the Rentals United findings on the State of Vacation Rental Tech. While we have focused on our systems, integrations and web presence over the past two years, technology is key and we want to hear everything others are doing and how we can continuously invest in our systems and infrastructure.

  • How to Create a Content Strategy that Drives Engagement and Revenue

 This session is an introduction to the value of content creation for lead generation, SEO, and increased guest engagement. Vacasa’s Debi Steigerwald, Director of Sales and Onboarding, will discuss the tools marketers are using to help define and build buyer personas, map the customer journey, and how to build a successful content strategy and create and publish content across multiple channels. You’ll walk away from this session with tips on how to build a successful content strategy and budget-friendly ways to create engaging and meaningful content, even with limited time and resources.

  • Turning Cleaning Services into a Five Star Experience with every reservation

 While our motto is – No property can ever be clean enough, we are excited to hear what Ana presents in the session: One of the most important factors to succeed in the vacation rental market is cleanliness, which also is a major factor for failure. This presentation will share the experience of Ana Valenzuela House Care and Cleaning Services, provide insight on the attention to detail inherited from the hotel market combined with the everyday life at home.

  • A Day in the Life of a Maintenance Technician

The deep dark world of maintenance work. For some it sends shivers down their spine at what the true cost is; for others it is shear pandemonium as there is not control or accountability; and others, it is a leisurely walk in the park. Learn how to wrangle the maintenance tech to be an ambassador for your company.

While we have identified these topics as they fit directly in to our 2018/2019 Strategic Plan and initiatives, we are interested and excited about the many other topics that will be discussed. The importance of networking and engagement with others in the Vacation Rental Management market from the Eastern Region in North America, is by far one of the largest benefits we will gain.

We will gather as much information as we can and implement improvements based an updated strategic initiative re-prioritization when we are back!