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Toronto Short Term Rental Property Management Corp.  Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway,, FlipKey, Expedia all do the same job with respect to Short Term Rentals.

After many discussions with new and potential Homeowners and Investors, it has become very apparent that the media has left so many people confused about the difference between AirBNB and Short-Term Rentals and the governing of such, the intention here is to educate and not a rant!

Because of AirBNB’s popularity around the world, Short Term Rentals get referred to as “AirBNB’s”. It is a listing site and is no different than HomeAway/VRBO, Vacation Rentals by Owner, Expedia, and the many others that are out there.

Due to all the media hype (I believe) so many people do not realize that AirBNB is a listings site and really, Private Home Rentals, Vacation Rentals and Home Letting are referred to as one of the following: Short Term Rental, Vacation Rentals, Holiday Rentals and so on.

The essential point – all the Short-term Rental Advertising tools that I have noted above, are NOT referred to as “AirBNB’s” or AirBNB rentals and municipalities generally govern short term rentals not just AirBNB, specifically.

Recently, in Toronto, after sitting in Council Meetings, having discussions with many folks (Homeowners, Potential client’s, and the media) that had concerns around the attempt to structure “Short Term Rentals” in Toronto, it became apparent, so many people just did not understand that the municipalities approach and were under the misconception that only AirBNB listings are to be regulated with the new by-laws.

I find myself day after day trying to explain that AirBNB is an advertising application for Short Term Rentals and no different than HomeAway, VRBO, I sincerely hope this helps to grasp the concept and identify that Short-term Rental Owners will be governed by the municipality of Toronto and it does not matter which site the home is listed on!