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Toronto Short Term Rental Property Management Corp. Closely monitors appeals to the Ontario Municipal Board OMB, opposing new Short Term Rental Bylaws, set to be implemented June 1, 2018.
Toronto New Regulation and Bylaws for Airbnb/Toronto Short Term Rentals set to come in June 1, 2018, portions appealed to Ontario Municipal Board (OMB).

New Information

The proposed new Airbnb/Toronto Short Term Rentals rules will ban Toronto owners from offering up basement apartments and secondary suites is ambiguous, to us and many others. The City fears of impact on affordable housing market trumped arguments for property owners’ rights in council vote.  The meetings held on December 7, 2017 seemed clear that someone had a plan with the intention of totally banning Toronto Short Term Rentals and Toronto Airbnb units. The Agenda was set with the Toronto affordable housing crisis topic just prior to the Toronto Airbnb and Short-Term Rental agenda item however, City Council ruled on the implementation of by-laws that now have had portions appealed to the OMB.

Some History

Some councillors pushed in the meeting on that Thursday to ban basement apartments and other secondary suites, originally recommended by city staff. But they failed in this endeavour in a 27-17 vote.

Airbnb, the San Francisco-based online rental platform, has 10,000-plus Toronto hosts, about 700 of whom rent out secondary suites that will become illegal when regulations take effect June 1, based on the by-laws currently being appealed to the OMB.

The city knows of 16 other smaller short-term rental agencies such as Toronto Short Term Rental Property Management Corp. We are very happy that we are known to the City and will follow the application and by-law processes as we do in other Municipalities.

Toronto hopes that such Airbnb Short-Term Rentals are limited to people’s “primary residence” will stamp out so-called ghost hotels, where visitors come and go but there are few actual residents. This is not going to solve anything in our opinion.

We found many illegal rentals very easily by communicating with Airbnb Hosts about some of the units listed today. For example, we found adverts on Airbnb for units at 85 & 100 Wellesley Streets and Many low-income units in Regent Parks new complex that list units as Airbnb Rentals as a complete different location, until the property is reserved, at which point the Host gives the proper address. We feel that the city needs to target these properties that are truly taking away from affordable housing.

In closing

Toronto Short Term Rental Property Management Corp.  as well as other interested parties remain unclear on exactly what the by-laws and rules will accomplish at this time. The items which are presently being appealed to the OMB, will be closely monitored by Toronto Short Term Rental Property Management Corp. Further updates to the implementation of the by-laws and OMB outcome will be communicated as we follow these very ambiguous and important topics.

Other Topics

New MAT tax or transient accommodation tax set to be implemented with new rules will apply a 4% tax on accommodations. Toronto Short Term Rentals has planned for the implementation of the tax and is set to capture and remit the taxes.

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