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Property Watch

Leave your home in our hands while you travel

Our pre-scheduled property inspection service provides an interior and exterior inspections of your home and creates a lived-in perception to keep your home safe while you travel. We are local in Toronto and provide a customized range of services to suit your unique home requirements.

Toronto Short Term Rental Property Management Corp. maintains a secure profile with contact information, access codes and preferred suppliers for every customer. Our extensive check-list is tracked for each visit in our client information database for transparent communications while you are enjoying your time away.

Property Watch services satisfy the requirements of most vacant property insurance policies (check with your insurance provider to ensure you carry the appropriate level of coverage).

Why Homeowners Trust Property Watch

We keep your home safe and secure while you travel, with services that include:

  • Indoor & outdoor inspection
  • Vehicle inspections, including driving and maintaining vehicles
  • Concierge services
  • Mail pick up
  • Monthly reporting
  • Vendor & project management

Booking a vacation? Secure your home with Property Watch.